​South Jutland location which border the region is a something special , not least in the light of history .

After reunification in 1920, the border and shipping guarded by border guards . Patrolled on foot along the coast.

From the border to Høruphav grænsegendarmernes route recreated (74 km ) .

Gendarme is among the most beautiful hiking trails in Denmark . In a historic part of the country and with a varied countryside as companion , it's not hard to rejoice and marvel :

Over historical monuments , ... 

Over varied landscapes ...

Over stunning vistas that you can experience when you ask climb onto the highest points along the way.

Gendarme winds through an impressive scenic walk with a very varied coastal scenery.

The signage for the trail is a blue gendarme .

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLDvEG9FyHU​

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