Camping Key Europe/Camping Card

Anybody who wants to stay overnight at a Danish campsite must have a Camping Key Europe Card

The Camping Key Europe Card can be purchased at all Danish campsites.

The Camping Key Europe is valid all over Europe.

You just have to fill in an order form, which is the provisional camping card until you receive the new camping card. The camping card has a year mark, which is valid for a calendar year.

Don’t forget to bring your provisional camping card (order form) with you when leaving.

The Camping Key Europe costs DKK 110,-.

The Camping Key Europe includes a 3rdparty insurance if the owner of the camping card has no other insurance. The insurance only covers damages for which, according to the Danish case law, you can be hold responsible.

Buy Camping Key Europe

If you only are staying for one night, you will only need a transit pass, which costs DKK 35.

All valid Camping Key Europes include third-party liability insurance, unless the cardholder is already insured. The insurance will only cover damages that are liable under Danish law.

Camping Key Europe Regulations

Anybody can have their own camping card but children under the age of 15 years need the consent from their parents. The camping card is valid for couples and singles and their children under the age of 18 years still living at home. All persons staying at the same address.

If you have reached 18 years or more, you need your own camping card.

Children under the age of 18 years are not allowed to go by themselves with the camping card from their parents. In this case each child needs its own personal camping card. If your children’s friends go with you, they need their own camping card as they don’t have the same address as the family.

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