The campsite are located less than 200 metres from the beach.

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What to do

There are lots of opportunities for concerts, museums or naturesights


Take a look the programme for various events in Kultur Syd

​Campsite for the entire familie close to forest and beach

We are a friendly camp, where the atmosphere and the service is top notch.

We have good shelter for campers and delicious luxury chalets for everyone.

With us you are guaranteed a good experience close to town and beach, culture, history and harbor life with lots of cafes and restaurants.

So do you want a good Danish experience, you are more than welcome to stop by!

We offer

  • Cabin Rental
  • Minimarket
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Playground with bouncy
  • Nice service building with family room, common room and kitchen.


Marina Allé 4A

​DK-6400 Sønderborg​

​CVR: ​​37240591​